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Notice of National Day Holiday  22/09/30
Due to the National Day holiday, Chinaflashmarket will postpone market quotation from Oct. 1st to Oct. 7th , and all product quotations will resume on Oct. 8th.
Notice of Mid-autumn Festival Holiday  22/09/09
On the occasion of the Mid-autumn Festival holiday, Chinaflashmarket will suspend all product quotation from Sep. 10th to Sep. 12th , and all product quotations will resume on Sep. 13th.
Notice of adding some storage product quotations  22/06/06
In order to better reflect the market situation, CFM will add some storage product quotations in this week.
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Intel wants to build ARM chips for Apple, third-parties
South Korea and China Increase Patent Applications in Europe
World going through unprecedented chip shortage
Apple reportedly preparing high-end iPads that could launch as soon as April
Huawei plans to start charging patent fees to Samsung, Apple for each phone sold
Samsung chip fallout threatens smartphone and PC supplies
Micron Abandons 3D Xpoint Memory Technology
TSMC sales dropped between January and February, improved on the year
Paik Kwang Industrial and Samsung Electronics Cooperate to Localize Ultra-High Purity Hydrogen Chloride
Revenue per Wafer Climbs As Demand Surges for 5nm/7nm IC Processes
US Senate said to be mulling US$30 billion in funding to boost semiconductor industry
Samsung Electronics in Hot Pursuit of Sony in Image Sensor Market
TSMC to Triple Its Investment in the United States
SMIC reportedly gets US license to import mature process equipment
KIOXIA Introduces World's Thinnest 1TB Ver 3.1 UFS Embedded Flash Memory Device


Price Trend
Stock Information
Update: 10-01 16:15,Data has delay
Samsung KRW 53100 +0.95%
SK Hynix KRW 83100 +2.85%
Micron USD 50.10 +0.18%
Intel USD 25.77 -2.31%
WDC USD 32.55 +1.15%
Nanya TWD 48.95 +3.82%
Phison TWD 265.5 +4.73%
SMI USD 65.19 -3.88%
Marvell USD 42.91 +0.09%
ASolid TWD 62.2 +6.32%
Goke CNY 66.06 -1.02%
Longsys CNY 51.69 -4.14%
Seagate USD 53.23 -2.11%
Innodisk TWD 161.5 +1.25%
Transcend TWD 64.5 +0.31%
A-DATA TWD 51.9 +0.78%
SMART Global USD 15.87 -3.64%
Netac CNY 10.66 -2.11%
OSE TWD 16.3 +2.52%
PTI TWD 77.1 -0.52%
JCET CNY 21.43 -0.97%
ASE TWD 80.1 +1.52%
TFME CNY 15.08 -2.77%
HT-tech CNY 8.10 -0.49%