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S. Korean biz groups in emergency mode as Korea-Japan feud drags on  19/07/16
South Korea’s major business groups are shifting to emergency mode, setting detailed contingency plans for a variety of scenarios amid concerns that the restrictions on exports of key tech materials from Japan to Korea could stay in place for a long time, according to the industry on Monday.
Japan hits South Korea with semiconductor sanctions  19/07/01
Japan has hit South Korea with sanctions on crucial supplies for the semiconductor industry in a significant escalation to their row over compensation for wartime forced labour.
US President Allows U.S. Sales to Huawei as Trade Talks Resume  19/06/29
US President said that US companies can again sell products to Chinese technology giant Huawei after an effective ban in May.
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Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix Respond to Japan’s Export Restrictions in Different Ways
Korean Semiconductor Companies Supporting Localization Efforts of Small Partners
New Qualcomm 215 Mobile Platform Raises the Bar for Mass Market Devices
Apple to launch three OLED iPhones with 5G alongside budget model in 2020, analyst predicts
U.S. Companies Find Legal Ways Around Trump’s Huawei Blacklist
Fire at Toshiba Factory to Benefit Korean NAND Flash Makers
Galaxy Fold delay won’t affect Galaxy Note 10 launch: Samsung
Premium Smartphone Market Collapses in Q1 as Apple Shipments Fall: Counterpoint
PCI-SIG Announces PCIe 6.0 Specification
Why Did Intel Choose Samsung Electronics as Its Foundry Service Provider Instead of TSMC?
TSMC officially announces R&D for world’s first 2nm process
Apple will release two iPhones with 5G in 2020, top analyst says


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