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Trump Halts Huawei Supply, Reuters says  21/01/18
The Trump administration notified Huawei suppliers, including chipmaker Intel, that it is revoking certain licenses to sell to the Chinese company and intends to reject dozens of other applications to supply the telecommunications firm, people familiar with the matter told Reuters.
Micron stock +2.4% as earnings top expectations amid strengthening DRAM prospects  21/01/08
Micron is up 2.4% in early after-hours action after its fiscal Q1 earnings report, where it produced yet another quarterly beat and issued strong guidance for the current quarter.
Notice of New Year's Day Holiday  20/12/31
Due to the New year's holiday, all product quotations will be discontinued on January 1st, 2021 and resumed on January 4th, 2021.
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Honor has a new phone and partnerships with Qualcomm, Intel and AMD, revealing one option for dealing with US restrictions
Intel avoids outsourcing embrace, investigates hack of results
ASML reports €14.0 billion net sales and €3.6 billion net income in 2020
LG Electronics says its money-losing mobile biz open to 'every possibility'
Intel and TSMC Predicted to Collaborate for GPU Production
Qualcomm eyes challenge to Apple, Intel with $1.4 billion deal for chip startup
TSMC fourth quarter profit rises 23% to record high on work-from-home, iPhone boost
Limited Chip Supply Disrupts Production at Volkswagen, Honda and Toyota
Intel Likely to Outsource 7-nm Chip Production to TSMC or Samsung Electronics
Japan chip sector boosted by report TSMC to build Tokyo facility
South Korea’s Semiconductor Capex Expected to Hit All-time High in 2021
Honor, Qualcomm partnership on the way: report
Huawei’s 5G Smartphone Market Share Predicted to Plummet This Year
Samsung Electronics Accounts for over One Fourth of KOSPI Aggregate Value
Samsung officially confirms Galaxy S21 event for January 14


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Samsung KRW 86700.00 -3.02%
SK Hynix KRW 129500.00 -4.07%
Micron USD 81.28 -1.22%
Intel USD 55.44 -2.15%
WDC USD 51.28 +1.12%
UNIS CNY 22.78 -1.81%
Nanya TWD 83 -2.47%
Phison TWD 393.5 -2.36%
SMI USD 50.22 -1.78%
Marvell USD 54.43 +3.44%
ASolid TWD 40.1 +0.88%
Realtek TWD 480 -2.74%
Goke CNY 41.29 -1.20%
Seagate USD 61.19 +1.98%
Innodisk TWD 167 +0.91%
Transcend TWD 62.2 -0.96%
A-DATA TWD 72.4 +0.14%
OSE TWD 15.8 -1.86%
PTI TWD 100.5 -2.90%
JCET CNY 46.90 +2.07%
ASE TWD 98.4 -3.53%
TFME CNY 28.28 -3.15%
HT-tech CNY 14.09 -2.29%