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Trade Time: 2022/12/08
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SK Hynix sees solid demand for server chips offsetting weaker mobile, PC demand
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SK hynix completes the First Phase of Intel NAND and SSD Business Acquisition
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About Hynix
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Semiconductor is a drive engine and a future of the IT industry

Semiconductors are essential to all IT products, and its performance often determines the performance of the final products. SK Hynix is the global leader in producing semiconductor, such as DRAM and NAND flash and System IC including CMOS Image Sensors. Since pilot production of Korea’s first 16Kb SRAM in 1984, SK Hynix consistently led the industry with smaller, faster and lower power semiconductor.
As the second largest manufacturer of memory semiconductor, and as the largest DRAM provider in emerging markets such as China, SK Hynix is at the forefront of the IT industry.

SK Hynix will enhance its competency with the best level of technology and a wide range of business portfolios

It is common to see people using their smartphones and tablet PCs. Those IT devices become more pervasive as new imaginative and innovative IT products continue to grab imagination and ‘desires’ of consumers. More innovative IT device such as smart car, keyboard and surface computer without mouse will enlarge the range and demand of the semiconductor.
SK Hynix has recorded high performance by tracking and foreseeing the market change. On year 2011 base, SK Hynix ranked 2nd position with a 23% worldwide market share in DRAM market. It has also a 10% NAND Flash market share. It also takes 8th position in global semiconductor market. SK Hynix will strengthen the world’s top level of technology and continuously diversify the product portfolios.

SK Hynix opens a new IT world

As of February, 2012, SK Hynix became a new family member of SK group. Now it is time for SK Hynix to open a new IT world together with SK which has led the nation strong in information technology. SK Hynix as one of the representative of Korea’s semiconductor company will make warm IT world for the mutual happiness.