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Stock Information
Last Trade: 191200
Previous Close: 208500
Open: 196200
Change: -8.3%
Trade Time: 2024/07/25
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SK Hynix Announces Record-Breaking Q2 2024 Financial Results with Soaring HBM Sales
SK Hynix's HBM4 Memory to Utilize TSMC's N5 Foundation Die
SK Hynix to Invest Nearly $60 Billion in HBM and AI-Related Semiconductor Fields by 2028
SK Hynix Gears Up for Next-Gen High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) Demand with 5th Generation (1b) 10nm DRAM Expansion
SK hynix Unveils Next-Gen AI Memory Solutions at Computex 2024
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SK Hynix 2024Q1 Earning release
SK Hynix 2023Q4 Earning release
SK Hynix 2023Q3 Earning release
SK Hynix 2023Q2 Earning release
SK Hynix 2023Q1 Earning release
SK Hynix Contact
Address of headquarters: 2091, Gyeongchung-daero, Bubal-eup, Icheon-si,Gyeonggi-do, Korea
About SK Hynix
SK Hynix Website
With our global technology leadership, SK hynix aims to provide greater value to all stakeholders, including our customers, partner companies, investors, local communities, and employees. SK hynix is committed to becoming a solution provider, which leads the global ICT ecosystem through paradigm-shifting hyper collaboration with our global partners.

Moreover, we are working to strengthen our ESG management to create even more value, by moving away from the conventional business model of seeking only economic benefits, in search of more social value and a healthier governance structure.

SK hynix will rise to become a “Global Top-Tier Technology Company”, which contributes to humanity and society.

Products and services:

Memory semiconductor
DRAM, NAND Flash, MCP(Multi-Chip Package), etc.

System semiconductor
CIS(CMOS Image Sensor), etc.