In a significant development for the AI industry, Samsung Electronics has revealed that it will be providing a comprehensive semiconductor solution for Preferred Networks, a Japanese AI startup. The South Korean tech giant will employ its advanced 2nm Gate-All-Around (GAA) process technology and 2.5D packaging technology, specifically the Interposer-Cube S (I-Cube S), to deliver a turnkey semiconductor solution.

The 2.5D packaging technology, I-Cube S, is a heterogeneous integration packaging technique that allows for the integration of multiple chips into a single package, enhancing interconnect speed and reducing package size. Preferred Networks intends to utilize Samsung's technology to develop high-performance AI accelerator chips designed to cater to the escalating computational requirements of generative artificial intelligence.

Junichiro Makino, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Preferred Networks' Computing Architecture Department, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, "We are excited to lead the way in AI accelerator technology with Samsung Electronics' 2nm GAA process. This solution will greatly support our ongoing efforts to create energy-efficient, high-performance computing hardware to meet the growing computational demands of generative AI technologies, especially large language models."

Taejoong Song, Executive Vice President and Head of Samsung Electronics' Foundry Business Development Team, emphasized the importance of the order, saying, "This contract is crucial as it validates Samsung's 2nm GAA process and advanced packaging technology as an ideal solution for the next generation of AI accelerators. We are committed to working closely with our customers to ensure that the superior performance and low power consumption of our products are fully realized."