SK Hynix has unveiled an ambitious investment strategy aimed at solidifying its position in the AI and semiconductor sectors. According to recent reports from South Korean media, the company's executives have engaged in in-depth discussions regarding large-scale investments in future businesses such as AI and semiconductors during their annual management strategy meeting.

The investment plan includes a significant outlay of 103 trillion won, which is roughly equivalent to $74.7 billion, earmarked to strengthen the company's semiconductor business over the next five years. A substantial portion of this investment, around 80% or 82 trillion won, will be directed towards high-bandwidth memory (HBM) and other areas pertinent to AI technology, signifying a commitment of approximately $59.5 billion to these cutting-edge fields.

The company's investment in its Cheongju M15X facility is projected to exceed 20 trillion won, with factory construction costs alone estimated at 5.3 trillion won. The semiconductor production facility, known as Fab, began construction in April of the previous year and is slated for completion by November of next year. Post-completion, the facility will commence production of DRAM products, including HBM.

Additionally, the construction of the first wafer fab in the Yongin Semiconductor Cluster is scheduled to commence in March next year, with completion expected by May 2027. SK Hynix is also planning a substantial investment of $3.87 billion in a packaging factory in Indiana, USA.

In a further demonstration of its forward-thinking approach, SK Hynix intends to begin production of the sixth-generation HBM, HBM4, around next year, which is a year ahead of the initial schedule.

This series of strategic investments underscores SK Hynix's dedication to innovation and its pursuit of a leading role in the global semiconductor market, particularly in the high-demand HBM and AI sectors.