In a recent all-hands meeting, the head of Samsung Electronics' memory semiconductor division announced an upcoming organizational restructuring for the latter half of the year. This meeting, which took place after the appointment of the new leader of the Device Solutions (DS) division, Jeon Yong-Hyun, suggests that the company may be seeking new advancements in key areas such as High Bandwidth Memory (HBM).

Industry sources have reported that the memory division held a comprehensive meeting, chaired by the head of the business department and attended by key department heads. During the meeting, the head of the business department not only provided an overview of current business conditions and future directions but also communicated the company's expectations to employees and addressed their questions.

The head of the business department foreshadowed an organizational restructuring that is expected to focus on enhancing synergies between different core organizations and may involve streamlining certain divisions. Last month, upon his appointment, Jeon Yong-Hyun stressed the importance of communication and cooperation, expressing confidence in the company's ability to overcome current challenges.

Although the meeting was held specifically for the memory business unit, as Jeon Yong-Hyun's first meeting since taking office, it also reflected his awareness of issues and direction within the memory business. Jeon, who has been with Samsung Electronics' memory business division since 2000, has been involved in the development of DRAM and flash memory. He has served as the head of the memory business division since 2014 and has a deep understanding of the related business and technology. It is reported that immediately after his appointment, he conducted a business review of the entire organization and actively identified areas for improvement in technical strength and organizational culture.

Industry analysts believe that without a significant organizational restructuring, it will be difficult for Samsung Electronics to improve its current situation. Jeon Yong-Hyun's understanding of core technologies will make detailed restructuring in various business areas inevitable.