SK hynix took center stage at Computex 2024 to exhibit its innovative lineup as a frontrunner in AI memory solutions. The company's showcase included a new generation of HBM3E, boasting an industry-leading data processing speed of 1.18 terabytes per second, and the CXL Memory Module-DDR5 (CMM-DDR5), which significantly enhances system bandwidth and capacity.

The enterprise SSD lineup was also on display, featuring models such as the PS1010 and PE9010, along with Solidigm's flagship products, the D5-P5430 and D5-P5336, demonstrating the company's commitment to the storage industry with high-capacity offerings.

For on-device AI PCs, SK hynix introduced the PCB01 PCIe Gen 5 client SSD, setting a new benchmark for sequential read and write speeds in the industry. The company also presented the next-generation graphic DRAM GDDR7 and LPCAMM2, a module solution that optimizes performance for on-device AI PCs.

In the consumer market, SK hynix displayed the Platinum P51 and P41 SSDs, with the P51 utilizing the company's proprietary high-performance controller "Aries," offering exceptional read and write speeds. Additionally, an updated version of the portable SSD Beetle X31 was unveiled, with plans to release a 2TB capacity in the third quarter of 2024.

The design excellence of SK hynix's SSD lineup was recognized in May with the prestigious 2024 Red Dot Design Award for its stick-type SSD Tube T31 and the Haechi H02 heatsink for Platinum P41. The company also emphasized its ESG strategy, focusing on enhancing product energy efficiency to promote the sustainability of power-intensive AI applications.

SK hynix continues to push the boundaries of AI memory in line with the theme of Computex Taipei 2024, working towards a future where "Connecting AI" is part of everyday life. The company remains committed to participating in global conferences to present the latest industry trends and to elevate its AI memory capabilities to new heights.