Phison Electronics, renowned for its NAND flash controllers, has announced impressive financial results for the month of May. The company's consolidated revenue reached NT$5.378 billion, reflecting a 4.3% increase from the previous month and a substantial 68% increase from the same period last year.

The cumulative revenue for the first five months of the year stands at NT$27.06 billion, representing a 62.6% year-on-year growth and marking the second-highest for the same period in history. Additionally, the total shipments of NAND storage bits have grown by 56% year-on-year, breaking historical records for the same period.

Phison attributes this growth not only to the continuous and gradual recovery of overall market demand but also to the expansion of its enterprise SSD and proprietary AI technology, aiDAPTIV+, which is being increasingly adopted and shipped.

Phison's CEO, Kenny Pan, stated that despite a slowdown in the retail storage market demand as previously mentioned at the company's investor conference, Phison's revenue contribution from the non-retail market has steadily exceeded 70%. This indicates that Phison's strategic focus on mid-to-high-end and high-value-added NAND storage markets is significantly contributing to the company's long-term revenue growth and profitability. This strategic positioning has been a key factor in maintaining stable profitability during the challenging market conditions of 2023.

With these achievements, Phison Electronics continues to solidify its position in the global storage market, demonstrating resilience and innovation in the face of economic fluctuations.