Phison's CEO, Pua, Khein-Seng, recently revealed the company's optimistic outlook for its enterprise SSD brand, PASCARI. Launched just two weeks prior, the brand has quickly gained traction, securing a 16% revenue share in May and a 25% order share, a significant leap from the 5% revenue share in the first quarter of this year. Pan anticipates that by 2026, PASCARI will account for a substantial 40% of Phison's total revenue.

From a corporate perspective, the PASCARI brand boasts three key advantages. Firstly, Phison can provide services that original manufacturers do not offer. Secondly, the brand offers high inventory flexibility, ensuring stable delivery during periods of storage shortage. Lastly, PASCARI is competitively priced, making it an attractive option for clients.

To maintain a steady supply of products, Phison will need to increase its inventory value to nearly NT$40 billion. Pua, Khein-Seng stated that this market is one that prioritizes technology and capital before considering distribution channels. Therefore, securing sufficient capital is also a critical step for Phison.

Furthermore, Pua, Khein-Seng highlighted the potential of Phison's PCIe Gen5 Retimer, which is primarily aimed at the server market. Capable of supporting data transfer rates of 32 Gbps, the Retimer has already received orders from several major server manufacturers in Taiwan and the United States. Pan is optimistic about the product's market share growth and its high gross margin, which is expected to contribute positively to the company's overall gross profit performance.

With these developments, Phison is well-positioned to strengthen its position in the memory and storage market, leveraging its enterprise SSD brand and advanced technology to drive future growth and profitability.