Phison is launching its own Pascari-branded SSDs for enterprises needing flash drive storage.

The Pascari lineup consists of five product lines:

Performance X-Series: U.2 and, E3.S PCIe gen 5 dual-port SSDs with capacities up to 30.72 TB

AI-Series: aiDAPTIV+ with SLC (Single-Level Cell) speed to enable LLM (Large Language Model) training on a single workstation 

Data Center D-Series: M.2 2280/22110 and E1.S format SSDs

SATA S-Series: 2.5-inch SATA drives, available up to 15.36 TB with host power loss protection capacitors

Boot Drive B-Series: U.2 and E1.S format SSDs

The X-Series

Phison says the X-Series has a CoXProcessor CPU architecture, meaning the controller has Arm Cortex-R5 cores and so-called hardened macros to offload common, repetitive firmware code at wire speeds, which helps accelerate data paths.

The feature set includes:

1 and 3 DWPD (Drive Writes Per Day) options 

Capacity range: 1.6 TB to 30.72 TB

Sequential Read: 14.8 GBps

Sequential Write: 8.7 GBps

Random Read: 3 million IOPS

Random Write: 900,000 IOPS

Security and data protection: Power Loss Protection, TCG OPAL, FIPS 140-3 certifiable