SK hynix held a press conference titled “Memory, the Power of AI” on the sidelines of CES 2024 in Las Vegas where its CEO Kwak Noh-Jung laid out the company’s vision in the AI era.

At the press conference, attended by both domestic and international media, Kwak said that the importance of memory will grow further as generative AI will become widespread. He also said that “SK hynix is providing products from the world’s best technologies to the ICT industry, leading the “Memory-Centric AI Everywhere”.

Kwak laid out the company’s plan to introduce “Custom Memory Platform” to provide customized AI memory solutions as demands for diverse memory products are growing.

Below are the key points mentioned during the press conference.

 <Importance of memory in the AGI era>

- The ICT industry evolved dramatically through the PC, mobile and now cloud-based AI era. Throughout, data in diverse types and massive amounts are being generated and communicated.

- Now we enter a new era of AGI built on all that data amassed. The new era will thus move towards a market where AGI constantly generates data and repeats learning and evolution.

- In the AGI era, memory will play a pivotal role in processing data.

- The role of memory is even more crucial from a computing system perspective. Before, systems were basically an iteration of dataflows from CPU to memory then back to the CPU in a sequential manner, but such structure is not suitable to handle the massive data generated through AI.

- Now, AI systems are connecting large counts of AI chips and memory in a parallel fashion to accelerate massive data processing. This means that AI system performance depends on stronger and faster memory.

- The direction for memory in the AI era should be handling data at the fastest speed, in the most effective way, and in higher volume. That aligns with the past century of memory development that has improved density, speed, and bandwidth.

- The memory-centric AGI era has a clear leader: SK hynix. We are providing diverse products with ultra-high performance such as HBM3 and HBM3E, the world’s best and widest sought-after products, to markets and industries, TSV DIMM, the industry’s largest-capacity server memory, LPDDR5 Turbo, the world’s fastest mobile memory, and DIMM, the best-in-class performance server.

- SK hynix is leading the “Memory-Centric AI Everywhere” in various industries ranging from AGI, conventional datacenter, mobile, and PC systems.

- Building on our lineup, we will deliver a bandwidth-focused HBM4 and HBM4E, a power-improved LPCAMM, a capacity-expanding CXL and QLC storage, as well as compute-capable PIM and hone our technological leadership in the AI era.

- SK hynix’s AI memory solutions are delivering customers a new experience.Yet, AI systems are advancing at a breathtaking pace, leading to customer demands for diverse forms of memory performance.

- While some customers require ever larger capacities or more power efficient products, others want higher bandwidth and addition of data compute capabilities.

- So, we are planning to launch SK hynix’s proprietary “Custom Memory Platform”.

We will bring to AI systems our memory-specialized technology and R&D expertise for optimal convergence with customers’ needs.

- This platform will transcend conventional ways and deliver an entirely new value proposition, catering to every customer with the most optimal memory solution for their needs.

- SK hynix is preparing over 4.15 million square meters of a new memory manufacturing base worth over a 120 trillion won (92.7 billion USD) investment.

- This massive capacity will allow us to continue serving existing customers while responding to the explosive growth of AI memory demand with the world’s best products delivered in time.