Nextin supplied its Gen 3 wafer inspection equipment during the third quarter, TheElec has learned.

The fab equipment maker’s Aegis-3 is its latest equipment that has inspection speed increased by 30% compared to Aegis-2.

The deal is worth 7 billion won __ a single unit of the equipment costs US$6 million so this means Nextin probably supplied one unit.

The company likely won the deal due to US sanctions against China that prevents China from buying US equipment.

Aegis looks for defects on wafers and supports both bright and dark field inspection methods.

Nextin said it plans to supply more units of its kits to Chinese foundries and memory chipmakers.

The company is already supplying other chipmakers besides those based in China its other equipment ResQ, used in the extreme ultraviolet process to remove static electricity as well as Iris, used for inspection in 3D wafers.

Nextin recorded 5.3 billion won in operating profit and 14.4 billion won in revenue in the third quarter, down 77% and 66% from a year ago, due to spending cuts by its customers in light of the global economic downturn.