SK Hynix Inc. said on Monday it has commercialized the world’s fastest mobile DRAM by shipping its new advanced mobile chips, LPDDR5T, to Chinese smartphone maker Vivo.

SK Hynix said it has begun shipping LPDDR5T chips to Vivo for use in the Chinese firm’s latest smartphones, the X100 and the X100 Pro.

The two Vivo flagship smartphones will be powered by Taiwanese fabless firm MediaTek Co.’s mobile application processor (AP) chipset Dimensity.

SK Hynix said in August it completed LPDDR5T’s performance verification with MediaTek’s advanced flagship mobile AP chip, Dimensity 9300.

A mobile AP is a system-on-chip (SoC) designed to run applications and functions on a mobile device. It typically contains a central processing unit (CPU), a graphics processing unit (GPU) and other components on a single chip to enable it to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

Developed in January, LPDDR5T is the world’s fastest mobile DRAM with an operating speed of 9.6 gigabits per second (Gbps).

The chips SK Hynix is supplying to Vivo are 16 gigabyte (GB) multi-chip packages, which combine multiple LPDDR5T, or lower power double data rate 5 turbo chips into one package.

The packaged product can process 77 GB of data per second, meaning 15 full-HD quality movies can be transferred in one second, according to SK Hynix.

Running in the ultra-low voltage range of 1.01V to 1.12V set by JEDEC, the international semiconductor standards council, the latest chip uses less power than previous models.

SK Hynix said the latest DRAM chip is 13% faster than its previous generation LPDDR5X chip unveiled in November.