SK hynix Inc. announced that it has started commercialization of the LPDDR5T(Low Power Double Data Rate 5 Turbo), the world’s fastest DRAM for mobile with 9.6Gbps speed.

The company said that it has obtained the validation that the LPDDR5T is compatible with Qualcomm Technologies’ new Snapdragon? 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform, marking the industry’s first case for such product to be verified by the U.S. company.

SK hynix has proceeded with the compatibility validation of the LPDDR5T, following the completion of the development in January, with support from Qualcomm Technologies. The completion of the process means that it is compatible with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3.

With the validation process with Qualcomm Technologies, a leader in wireless telecommunication products and services, and other major mobile AP(Application Processor) providers successfully completed, SK hynix expects the range of the LPDDR5T adoption to grow rapidly.

The company plans to provide 16GB-capacity product, a combination of multiple single LPDDR5T chips, of which data processing speed is 77GB per second, equivalent to processing 15 Full-HD movies within a second.

The LPDDR5T product also holds an edge in power consumption, performing at the lowest voltage of the 1.01~1.12V standards stipulated by the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council, or JEDEC.

SK hynix applied the HKMG (High-K Metal Gate)2 process to bring a remarkable improvement in both speed and power efficiency. With the adoption of this technology, the company expects the LPDDR5T to gain a large share of the market before the next-generation LPDDR6 is introduced.