SK hynix, focusing on High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) for AI applications, is internally sourcing “post-processing” (packaging) personnel to scale up production. This move aims to quickly grow the size of its post-processing team, which is crucial for determining HBM production capabilities, ensuring they stay ahead technologically.

According to semiconductor industry sources on the 24th, SK hynix’s Wafer Level Package (WLP) division, under their PKG&Test organization, recently decided to reallocate and reinforce their post-processing technological staff as part of their internal Career Growth Program (CGP).

This division is responsible for both the development of next-generation post-processing technologies and mass production. SK hynix is individually gathering feedback regarding transitions to the WLP division. While the exact number for reallocation hasn’t been finalized, it’s anticipated to be in the tens.

The increased staffing is in response to the rapidly growing demand for HBM, driven by a surge in AI investments. As the demand for HBM grows, the volume of work that the post-processing division has to handle also increases proportionally.