As memory chip manufacturers control low-price supply and actively cut production capacity in the second half of the year, some memory price quotes are changing. Especially since August, memory manufacturers have stepped up efforts to reduce NAND production, and NAND supply and demand expectations have improved. Although terminal sales are still weak, under the background of the memory manufactor's reduction of production and restraint of low-priced supply, the game between supply and demand in the memory market became more intense. The overall market bottomed out in an "L" shape, and some products rose slightly. 

ChinaFlashMarket(CFM) releases the August monthly report,  which summarizes the changes of memory market and important industry events. It is expected that some storage prices may experience new changes in the third quarter.

Report Directory:

1. CFM outlook for the memory market;

2. DRAM and NAND index price changes and memory product spot price changes;

3. Latest updates on important events, capital expenditures, and capacity adjustments of memory chip manufacturers;

4. Latest updates on the operating situation of memory controller manufacturers and memory module manufacturers;

5. Memory product of Chinese online market share in the second quarter of 2023;

6. Shipment trends of smart terminals and memory products;

7. Other data updates about important semiconductor companies.

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