Currently, the memory market is in a stage of intense competition between supply and demand.Due to the weak demand,both the upstream and downstream had slow shipment speed and overall high inventory.At the same time, memory chip manufacturers are actively taking measures to reverse the situation, with actively reducing the memory chip production and strengthening the management of inventory levels. 

After a continuous year of declining price in the memory products,the space for subsequent adjustments are very limit.In additions,the willingness of memory chip manufacturers to reduce their losses have become stronger. It becomes more and more difficult to negotiate to exchange price for volume,especially in some memory products from the upstream. Against this backdrop, the memory market is expected to stabilize comprehensively in the second half of this year. At the same time, the memory chip manufacturers have begun to tentatively increase the prices of advanced process memory products.

ChinaFlashMarket(CFM) releases the June monthly report, which summarizes price changes of memory spot price and important events, analyzes that part of memory products with advanced process may rise in price in the third quarter.

1.3Q23 Memory Market Outlook

2.CFM DRAM and NAND Index YTD Changes

3.Spot Price Changes of Memory Products in May 23

4.Updates on Important Events, NAND and DRAM Market Shares, Operating Performances and Inventory Changes, Memory Chip Fabrication Plants, Capital Expenditures and Production Capacity Adjustments of Memory Manufacturers 

5.Updates on Inventory Changes and Operating Performances of Memory Controllers, Module Manufacturers,Electonics Manufacturers and Distributions

6.Updates on PC Inventories,Notebook Shipments, Mobile Phones with 1TB Internal Memory and Automotive Deliveries

7.Updates on Operating Performance of Terminals,China Server Manufacturers,Cloud Service Providers and Important Semiconductor Companies

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