SK Hynix said on Jan. 12 that it has received a certification on its 10-nm 4th-generation (1a) DDR5 server DRAM that it can be applied to a new CPU recently released by Intel.

SK Hynix applied a cutting-edge extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography process to the 1a DDR5 DRAM. It is the first time that Intel certified a 10-nm 4th generation DRAM. Currently, the mainstay server DRAMs are DDR4 DRAMs.

On Jan. 10, Intel introduced Sapphire Rapids, a new server CPU that supports DDR5 DRAMs. Market insiders predict that with the release of Sapphire Rapids, the mainstay DRAMs for servers will rapidly change from DDR4 to DDR5.

In particular, SK Hynix’s DDR5 DRAMs cut power consumption by up to 20 percent and improve performance by more than 70 percent compared to DDR4. Therefore, they are expected to provide server customers with high power efficiency and less carbon emissions.

In addition, during the DDR5 certification process, SK Hynix also obtained a certification on a 10-nm second-generation (1y) DDR5 product from Intel. As a result, the Korean chipmaker will be able to provide various DDR5 products such as 16Gb and 24Gb to customers, which is expected to boost its server DRAM sales.