With the change of market demand, in order to better reflect the memory market, ChinaFlashMarket will adjust the quotation of DDR products on December 20, 2022.

The new DDR quotation is classified according to the different quality of DDR particles, and the specific adjustments are as follows:

The names of DDR4 16Gb (2048Mbx8) and DDR4 8Gb (1024Mbx8) are updated to DDR4 16Gb 3200, DDR4 8Gb 3200, and the inactive small capacity products DDR4 4Gb (256Mbx16), DDR4 4Gb (512Mbx8), and DDR4 8Gb (512Mbx16) are canceled. The mainstream DDR4 16Gb eTT, DDR4 8Gb eTT, and DDR4 4Gb eTT are added.

The frequency and time of price quotation of DDR products remain unchanged.