The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) recently announced that AMD sued TCL and Realtek for infringing five U.S. patents for certain graphics systems and components, as well as digital TVs containing the aforementioned products. Regarding the ITC Section 337 investigation, Realtek stated that it has no impact on the company's operations. Foreign investors believe that this matter has limited impact on Realtek.


The foreign investment report pointed out that Realtek, a major IC design chip manufacturer, was accused by AMD of infringing its graphics computing patent, and it is still in the stage of filing. In addition, TV SoC accounts for a small proportion of Realtek's overall revenue. It is estimated that the proportion of TV SoC's revenue this year is only 9%, which is lower than 13% of the previous year. Moreover, Realtek has many TV customers. TCL is not the largest one. The impact is estimated to be limited.