Toshiba will soon start producing hard disk drive(HDDs) for data centers in China in response to growing demand for storage. With samples shipping as early as June and mass production ready in July, it plans to double its overall production capacity in the year to March 2026 compared to five years ago. Toshiba aims to expand its HDD market share to just over 24% by March 2026 from 17% in the previous fiscal year.


Toshiba Electronic Equipment and Storage will join forces with a unit of TDK to install assembly lines at the latter's base in Guangdong province, the report said, for an undisclosed amount. The arrangement will allow Toshiba to cut shipping and other costs associated with existing data center customers in China, while also making it easier to support customers. Samples will be shipped as early as June, followed by mass production in July.


Toshiba now only makes data center hard drives in the Philippines and hopes to build capacity elsewhere to diversify geographically. In addition, Toshiba has a factory in China that makes hard drives for computers and other products.