Samsung Electronics has reportedly set the goal of successfully completing the development of a 1c DRAM (a 6th-generation, 11-nm chip) by June 2022.

The company has recently notified its semiconductor researchers of its decision to skip/drop the development of 1b DRAM (12-nm chip).

Samsung's decision to hasten the development of a 1c DRAM immediately after abandoning a 1b DRAM is seen as being intended to widen the technology gap with its rivals, including SK Hynix and Micron Technology.

It is not the first time that Samsung has decided to bypass a DRAM development stage to challenge a higher level.

Previously, it gave up mass production of 28-nm DRAMs and immediately jumped to 25-nm DRAMs. Some analysts say that it is not easy for the Korean semiconductor giant to do the same in the 10-nano range, which requires a much more advanced technology than in the past.

Samsung Electronics is under pressure to develop a 1c DRAM ahead of others because it was behind its rivals in volume production of 1a DRAMs (4th generation chip in the 10-nm range).

However, Samsung Electronics succeeded in mass production of thinner 1a DRAMs than those of its two competitors.