The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy announced on April 14 that South Korea’s ICT exports totaled US$23.26 billion last month, up 33.6 percent from a year ago and the largest since records began in 1996.

Korea's ICT exports showed a double-digit growth for the 12th consecutive month. Last month, exports from the sector accounted for 36.6 percent of South Korea’s total exports.

Semiconductor exports increased 37.9 percent year on year to US$13.2 billion. The amount reached a new monthly high and exceeded US$10 billion for the 11th consecutive month.

OLED exports added up to US$1.42 billion with a year-on-year increase of 69 percent. In addition, mobile phone and solid state drive exports increased 36.9 percent and 55.6 percent to US$1.51 billion and US$1.42 billion, respectively.

The monthly exports from non-large companies in the industry totaled US$5.68 billion, up 30.8 percent year on year. Non-memory chip exports and those of computers and peripherals showed a double-digit growth for 20 and 12 months in a row, respectively.

Last month, those to China and Hong Kong increased 28.6 percent to US$10.57 billion and Vietnam increased 48.9 percent to US$3.5 billion. Those to the United States, the European Union and Japan increased 37.7 percent, 27.1 percent and 14.2 percent to US$2.84 billion, US$1.42 billion and US$460 million, respectively.