TSMC has decided to submit its information and data demanded by the U.S. Department of Commerce after having refused to do so. Earlier, the department told major semiconductor companies to submit their inventory, client, process and partner firm data by Nov. 8, saying that the demand is to deal with the ongoing global chip shortage.

Intel, Infineon and SK Hynix decided last week to submit their data. With TSMC following suit, Samsung Electronics’ burden is increasing. The company has made no official comment as to the demand.

In the meantime, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy announced on Oct. 25 that Kim Jung-il, head of the Office of International Trade and Legal Affairs of the ministry, would stay in Washington D.C. from Oct. 25 to 27 to have meetings with U.S. trade personnel and express concerns over the demand that may lead to trade secret leakage.

He is scheduled to visit the Office of the United States Trade Representative as well as the department in order to discuss the upcoming bilateral dialogue on trade and supply chain technology. In addition, he will visit the National Security Council to discuss supply chain cooperation between the United States and South Korea.