DRAM prices have begun to fall by 5-10% in both the United States and European markets. In Europe, Cowcotland reports that prices of several Corsair and G.Skill memory kits have already dropped by 5-15 Euros this month. In the U.S., we're starting to see prices of 16GB and 32GB memory kits as a whole dropping anywhere from $10–$30 on average.

CowCotland reviewed price charts for several G.Skill and Corsair products, including the Trident Z and Vengeance lineups. Some kits, like the 2x8GB Trident Z and 2x4GB Aegis kits from G.Skill, have only dropped 1-3 Euros in price. However, other kits like the G.Skill Trident Z 2x8GB 3000MHz kit, Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB 3200MHz, and G.Skill Trident Z 2x8GB 4000MHz kit show larger drops of up to 15-20 Euros as a whole.

According to PCPartPicker in the United States, the same price cuts are happening to 32GB and 16GB kits as well. Corsair's 2x8GB LPX and RGB Pro 3200MHz CL16 kits in particular have dropped by a good margin, of almost $10–$20 since July. The LPX kit has dropped from an average of $90 a few weeks ago to just $70-$75 right now. The same applies to the RGB Pro kit, which peaked at an average of $101 in July and dropped to $88 in August.

Overall, the more popular memory kits are getting larger price cuts, with rarer quad channel and high memory frequency kits still remaining at relatively static prices.

We're not sure how long the price cuts will last, but it's good to see prices finally starting to come down. The past three quarters have given us steadily inflating DRAM prices, but with DDR5 platforms set to launch in the not too distant future, manufacturers will be looking to greener pastures.