Samsung Electronics held its 52nd ordinary general meeting of shareholders on March 17. There, it said that it would initiate the mass production of third-generation 5-nm chips this year, further develop its gate-all-around technology to stay ahead in ultra-microfabrication, and develop fourth-generation 10-nm DRAM products along with seventh-generation V-NAND products this year.

The global foundry market is expanding based on an increase in demand, and we have expanded our client base from mobile to high-performance computing,” it said, adding, “We are refining our process technology through capacity enhancement and manufacturing facilities dedicated to EUV.”

When it comes to memory chips, we will continue to outdo the others with the new DRAM and V-NAND products,” it went on to say, continuing, “At the same time, we will differentiate our products and continue to lead the market by supplying products for data center operation, high-performance computing, etc.”

At the meeting, a shareholder asked a question as to the technological gap between Samsung Electronics and its competitors including Micron Technology. “In the case of NAND, controller and software design capabilities as well as individual products are very important,” it answered, saying, “Our solution technologies are unrivaled worldwide, and we will further solidify our top position by continuously supplying top-quality products.”