Korea Exchange announced on Jan. 3 that the common stock of Samsung Electronics accounted for 24.42 percent and the common and preferred stocks of the company accounted for 27.47 percent of the aggregate value of KOSPI at the end of last year. Samsung Electronics’ proportion was 33.31 percent in KOSPI 200.

The ratio has continued to increase. Specifically, it topped 24 percent for the first time in January 2020, and then rose to 26.11 percent on March 19. Although it dropped to 20.22 percent in September, it rose back fast in November and December as the common stock price jumped from 50,000 won or so to 81,000 won per share on expectations for a global system-on-chip market recovery and special dividends.

According to experts, Samsung Electronics and KOSPI are likely to show a closer correlation this year with Korea Exchange having nullified its 30 percent market cap ceiling in major stock price indices in April last year. Back in late 2019, when Samsung Electronics’ proportion in KOSPI 200 exceeded 30 percent, it began to be pointed out that passive funds investing in Samsung Electronics would flow out if the ceiling was maintained.