Huawei is currently struggling to keep its smartphone business afloat as the Chinese giant has been heavily restricted by the sanctions from the United States from procuring or manufacturing necessary components.

But it seems that there is some hope for the company. Forrest Norrod, Senior Vice President at AMD has confirmed that the company has been granted a license to sell its products to some of the companies in the US Entity List.

The licenses secured by the company ensures that there won’t be a significant impact on the business at this time because of the China-focused restrictions from the US. He also added that the company is complying with all the rules and regulations.

However, it’s noteworthy that Forrest Norrod hasn’t revealed the names of the companies for which AMD has been granted licenses to carry on doing business. So, we are not sure if the Chinese giant Huawei is in it.

Even if there’s no license for Huawei right now, his statement shed light on the fact that the United States is giving out licenses to companies for doing business with those firms that are in the Entity List. So, sooner or later, licenses can be granted to companies for doing business with Huawei.

Many companies have started lobbying with the United States government to reconsider some of the restrictions placed on Huawei, arguing that it impacts American businesses, both in terms of innovation and finance.