The next generation of SAS has arrived, bringing improved performance, reliability and data protection along with it.


Kioxia Corporation became the first company to bring 24G SAS to server and storage applications with the introduction of its 6th generation enterprise SAS SSD family. First demonstrated at Flash Memory Summit 2019, Kioxia’s new PM6 series of enterprise SAS SSDs is built on 24G SAS technology, enabled by a PCIe 4.0 ecosystem. The PM6 series drives are now available for evaluation and qualification.

Designed for modern IT infrastructures, 24G SAS doubles the data throughput of its predecessor, while implementing new features and enhancements to reach new application performance levels. An established leader in developing SAS SSDs, Kioxia delivers new levels of SAS SSD sequential read performance and is the only SSD supplier to offer failure recovery in case 2 dies fail at the same time. The PM6 series builds upon this history of best-in-class performance and reliability over six generations of SAS drives.

Featuring Kioxia’s 96-layer BiCS FLASH 3D TLC flash memory, the PM6 series delivers industry-leading SAS SSD sequential read performance of up to 4,300MB/s (4,101MiB/s), which is more than a 2x improvement over the previous generation. Kioxia’s new drives are available in capacities up to 30.72TB, making it the industry’s highest capacity 2.5-inch SAS SSD.

Key features include:

  • Dual-port for high-availability

  • Full range of endurance options for a wide variety of workloads: read-intensive (1 DWPD3), mixed-use (3 DWPD) and write-intensive (10 DWPD)

  • Multistream write support to reduce write amplification and extend endurance

  • Full suite of security options available: sanitize instant erase (SIE), TCG Enterprise self-encrypting drive (SED) and FIPS 140-2 certification.