Key Takeaway

  •  May 2020 revenue totaled NT$3,905mn, up 17% YoY.

  •  Accumulated revenue for Jan.- May 2020 reached NT$20,351mn, up 30% YoY.

  • The PCIe SSD controller still maintains a high annual growth rate (YoY) of 270%, indicating that the consumer market's demand for high-speed storage is steadily increasing.

Phison’s May 2020 revenue totaled NT$3,905mn, up 17% YoY. Accumulated revenue for Jan. - May 2020 reached NT$20,351mn, with an annual growth rate (YoY) of nearly 30%. 


Sales Revenue (NT$mn)


May 2020


17 %

Jan. to May 2020


30 %

Compared with the same period last year (YoY), the total shipments of SSD and eMMC controller grew by nearly 15% in May, while the total SSD controller shipments grew by almost 6%, of which the total shipments of PCIe SSD controller remained at a strong growth of 270%. The rapid growth shows that consumers' demand for high-end storage driven by high-resolution image (4K and 8K images) and high-speed data transmission is constantly rising. In addition, in the stable high-end embedded industrial application market, the annual cumulative total shipments also maintained a stable growth of 53%, and the proportion of industrial products to Phison’s overall revenue continued to increase, which helped reduce market influence on Phison’s revenue and profit. Furthermore, cumulative (January to May) total bits of memory shipments also maintained an annual growth rate of 23%.

May 2020 Business   Highlights (PHISON 8299)


Total SSD and   eMMC Controller ICs Shipment

15 %

Total SSD Controller ICs Shipment

6 %

Total PCIe SSD   Controller ICs Shipment

270 %

Accumulated Total   Industrial Controller ICs Shipment for Jan.-May

53 %

Accumulated   Total Memory Bits Shipment for Jan.-May

23 %

K.S. Pua, CEO and Chairman of Phison, said that embedded and industrial applications are a long-term market for Phison. A recent example of successful design-win case is that medical institutions often have the need to back up the patient's medical information or submit the diagnostic data to the patient. The traditional method is to burn the data into an optical disk (such as CD), and then submit it to the patient. However, because there are no more (or very few) optical drives to read optical discs in families nowadays, NAND storage products become the best alternative. Replacing traditional optical discs with NAND storage products (such as medical-use USB flash drives) not only can back up the patient's medical records, but also allows patients to easily read data on ordinary personal computers. This is a very typical example of "technology improves human life", and Phison is working hard every day in accordance with this concept, hoping to bring improvements to the lives of the people through Phison’s technologies.