Phison’s February 2020 revenue totaled NT$4,002mn, up 48% YoY. Accumulated revenue for Jan. - Feb. 2020 totaled NT$7,328mn, up 21% YoY even facing coronavirus epidemic.

Regarding the coronavirus outbreak, Phison have taken all necessary safety precautions. The operation and revenue are on the track to expand as expected globally. Global customers continue to place orders stably and no sign of cutting orders due to coronavirus.


Breaking down the shipment and revenue details, total memory module shipment grows over 36% YoY, and SSD and eMMC module shipment grows nearly 72%. Furthermore, PCIe SSD module shipment increases nearly 130%, demonstrating high-end PCIe SSD storage demand is raising rapidly. Plus, revenue of PCIe SSD module also hits over 200% YoY growth.

Speaking of high-end storage market (embedded applications), not only the total revenue of embedded storage maintains a nearly 40% YoY growth, higher-margin embedded-related module shipment even hits 120% YoY growth, showing PHISON is raising market share in global high-end NAND storage market. Additionally, annual-accumulated total bits shipment hikes nearly 37% YoY growth, indicating both NAND storage capacity and quantity are growing as expected.

Given the current strength in demand for SSD from datacenter, enterprise applications, and the expected introduction of new gaming consoles by leading brands in 2H20, according to market intelligence provider, NAND flash pricing and demand trends are currently favorable.