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Yole: Both DRAM and NAND market size are expected to set historical records in 2022  22/05/10
Yole Développement expects DRAM to grow to USD 118 billion, up 25%. NAND flash memory will reach USD 83 billion, up 24%, in 2022.
Notice of 2022 International Labour Day Holiday   22/04/30
During the holiday, Chinaflashmarket will suspend all product quotation from April 30th to May 4th , and will resume on May 5th.The quotation of SSD, DDR, eMMC, eMCP, UFS, LPDDR, etc. on May 3rd (Tuesday) shall be delayed to May 5th (Thursday).
Notice of 2022 Qingming Festival Holiday  22/04/01
During the holiday, Chinaflashmarket will suspend all product quotation from April 4th to April 5th, and will resume on April 6th.The quotation of SSD, DDR, eMMC, eMCP, UFS, LPDDR, etc. on April 5th (Tuesday) shall be delayed to April 6th (Thursday).
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TSIA: Taiwan's semiconductor output value in the first quarter was about 39.2 billion US dollars with a YOY increase of 28.1%
The resumption rate of more than 1,800 key enterprises in Shanghai exceeds 70%
China smartphone sales see worst-performing quarter since 2020 with 14 pc decrease: Counterpoint Research
Qualcomm's adjusted revenue in the second-quarter is $11.16 billion higher than the expected
CINNO: Global smartphone AMOLED shipments on panel fell 8% year-on-year in the first quarter
It is reported that Apple's supply chain is affected by the epidemic, and the release of iPhone 14 may be delayed
In March, Japan's semiconductor equipment sales increased by 30% year-on-year, reaching a record high
CINNO: Smartphone sales in mainland China in the first quarter of 2022 were 74.39 million units, down 14.4% year-on-year
China laptop industry manufacturers have cut orders for June or lowered their shipment targets again
CVC, KKR are said to mull Toshiba Bids as PE firms circle
TSMC may deliver first batch of 2nm chips in early 2026 with Apple and Intel taking the lead
Korea's ICT Exports Jump 33.6% YoY in March
Samsung tops Intel as leading semiconductor seller as overall demand rises
China Rapidly Increasing Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Purchase
China’s smartphone market could plunge 20% as Covid cases spike — but Apple may see growth


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