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ASolid Technology Co. Ltd. is a NAND flash controller provider founded in February 2008. ASolid has emerged as one of the top leaders in the flash controller market through its accelerated offering of pioneering and competitive solutions. Our product lines cover a wide range of SD/microSD controller and USB flash drive controller, eMMC controller and SSD controller solutions, combined with the latest Wear-Leveling Algorithm, ECC and Bad Block Management technologies. Our comprehensive solutions have enabled customers to obtain enhanced and stable performance improvements in their products.

ASolid is the revolutionist in NAND controller technology and quality. Over 80% employees of ASolid are RD engineers, forming the company's solid innovation strength and excellence. At ASolid, we strive to meet customer demands within quick turnaround times, and create long-term WIN-WIN partnerships through our professional teamwork and full integration of industry technologies, experiences and product competitiveness.