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PLEXTOR is a world-leading developer of award-winning solid state drives, and other high-performance digital storage devices for professionals, consumers, and enterprises.

PLEXTOR's Legendary Obsession

Since the introduction of our very first CD-ROM back in 1989, PLEXTOR has had an obsessive approach to quality and performance. As we grew, PLEXTOR's legendary optical drives became the performance benchmark against which all others in the industry were measured. Today that legend lives on, not only in our new generation of Blu-ray drives but in our multi-award winning solid-state drives. As additional users discover the benefits of our high-performance SSDs, our engineers continue to insist that every PLEXTOR product be designed to deliver maximum reliability and true performance.

PLEXTOR SSDs—Modern Storage Comes of Age

PLEXTOR answered the customers' needs for the replacement of aging hard-drive technology with higher speed storage with the debut of its first SSD in 2009. In response to demand for our acclaimed SSDs, PLEXTOR is undertaking an aggressive expansion program and operating in more markets worldwide. This brings us closer to the users, which allows us to better meet their requirements. For example, we were one of the first to develop drives supporting SATA 6.0Gb/s, providing the performance needed for data- intensive applications.

True Speed—Performance for a New Generation of SSD

With the 2011 launch of our first drive—"True Speed" technology—PLEXTOR set a new standard for SSD performance. This new standard moved away from artificial testing to measure real-world performance, using technology that provides equal speed for all types of data and solves drive slowdown to maintain sustained performance levels in the long term. PLEXTOR SSDs with True Speed are designed and tested to give users the lasting benefits of high-speed storage and higher PC performance.

True Protect—Security and Data Accuracy for Business

In 2012, PLEXTOR raised the bar for professional SSDs with the launch of the first PLEXTOR drive with True Protect. In addition to rigorous testing of every single drive during manufacturing, PLEXTOR professional SSDs undergo what is likely the industry's most extensive preproduction testing to ensure unsurpassed reliability. With the introduction of innovative True Protect technology, business users not only have access to the highest level of AES encryption but also to multiple layers of data checking for absolute data accuracy. PLEXTOR has also added a production line for 7mm solid-state drives, which allows this technology to be used to protect important data and for PLEXTOR SSDs to provide improved performance in a wider range of thin notebooks.

PLEXTOR—Past, Present and Future

PLEXTOR's award-winning products and reputation for excellence are, and will continue to be, reflections of our four fundamental values. First, our standards for quality are always more stringent than those of others in the industry. Second, through innovation, we must create products and technology that truly meet user needs. Third, users should always receive efficient service and expert support. Fourth, we believe we must design and carry out extensive testing so users can have complete confidence in PLEXTOR products.

PLEXTOR's uncompromising approach ensures that any PLEXTOR SSD, or any other PLEXTOR product you purchase, will provide sustained high performance, now and into the future.