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3S teaming up with Marvell to develop 28nm controller chips
3S expects to post lower revenues but higher gross margin in 2Q16
3S in-house developed MEMS microphone to enter mass production in July 2011
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About Solid State System
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3S is an innovative IC Design House, specialized in vertical integration of applications. Founded on November 26th, 1998, we have been hard at work from the start; bring out a sleuth of creative designs based on solid core technology that is unique to 3S. This is especially true in our Flash Data Storage Controller IC, the fastest of its kind in the market. In addition, we also develop the fully automated test equipment for the resulting IC products. The controller has been widely adopted by major electronics manufacturers, becomes the core part in their digital cameras, cell phones, hand-held computers, PDAs, MP3 Players and various IA products. Our core technology has been evaluated to be at the leading edge by leading manufacturers, proven its tremendous competitive potential in the global market. Besides leveraging technical clout, we also actively engage in product marketing, resulting in wide recognition by major global technology players.
Current product lines, besides the Flash Data Storage Controller IC, encompass a series of Mobil Multi-media ICs, as well as a line of non-volatile Memory ASIC Solution. Our products enable the integration of digital data storage and multi-media applications thus providing a one-stop shopping experience to our customers interested in an integrated digital application solution.

Provide a positive vertical integrated solution to help our customers to concentrate on what they do best with their products. Create a virtuous circle to empower our customers to further strengthen us.

3S will continue to provide invaluable empowering solutions in integrating mobile multimedia applications with digital storage to satisfy the ever growing number of products aiming at retaining the living experience of everyone today. We will do this through our relentless innovations and our dedication to powerful, highly efficient Solution on Chip design and system solution based on Flash Memory.