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Micron opens DRAM backend fab in Taiwan
Source: DIGITIMES   Editor: Helan   Update Time :2018/10/29 18:12:49

Micron Technology has announced the opening of a new plant in Taichung, central Taiwan that will be dedicated to providing backend services for the manufacture of DRAM memory.

Micron indicated it has a total of about 7,000 employees stationed in Taiwan. With the backend plant coming online, the US vendor will hire an additional 1,000 people in Taiwan in 2019.

The backend site in Taichung will help Micron vertically integrate its manufacturing resources in Taiwan, according to Manish Bhatia, company executive VP of global operations.

The Taichung facility will provide high-end backend services such as 3D IC integration for the production of DRAM chips, said Mike Liang, backend VP for Micron Taiwan. Micron is still working with the world's major OSAT providers to fulfill high-volume orders such as those for mobile phones, according to Liang.

Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) and Powertech Technology (PTI) are reportedly among Micron's backend partners.

Micron's backend plant in Taiwan was owned previously by touch panel maker Cando, a subsidiary of TPK Holdings. Micron in early 2017 took over the facility for NT$2.75 billion (US$88.8 million) and converted it into a backend production site. Later in 2017, Micron expanded the site by acquiring facilities adjacent to the site from TPK Cando Solutions for NT$500 million.

Micron has two factory sites for the production of DRAM memory in Taiwan - one in Taichung and another in Taoyuan, northern Taiwan. The Taoyuan site was formerly Inotera Memories, which was acquired by Micron in 2016.

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