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Xiaomi, Oppo initiate plans to develop foldable smartphones, says report
Source: DIGITIMES   Editor: Helan   Update Time :2018/7/31 17:37:46

Following the steps of Samsung Electronics and Huawei, China-based Xiaomi and Oppo have reportedly also initiated their own plans to develop foldable smartphones, according to a Korea-based ET News report.

Xiaomi and Oppo have been seeking support from materials and components suppliers with goals to launch their foldable models in 2019, said the report.

While Huawei is reportedly to use flexible panels from BOE Technology for its foldable smartphones, Xiaomi and Oppo are likely to team up with BOE, Visionox, or LG Display for the supply of flexible panels, added the report.

Xiaomi also aims to become a fast mover instead of a follower in the segment by kicking off the commercial production of its foldable smartphones immediately after the product debut, targeting the domestic market in China with affordable prices, noted the report.

Huawei is also expected to trump Samsung to unveil the world's foldable smartphone, said the report.

Samsung's foldable models are likely to come with prices ranging from KWR2-3 million (US$1,788-2,652), and those from China's makers are likely to be available at KWR1-1.5 million, noted the report.

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