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Compal to boost non-PC revenue ratio to 50%, says new president
Source: DIGITIMES   Editor: Helan   Update Time :2018/7/5 16:55:05

Compal Electronics will carry out further integration of its PC and smart device departments, and boost its non-PC revenues and overall profitability, with the expectation that the firm's listed share price can double in the future, according to its newly appointed president CP Wong.

Wong made the remarks in his capacity as new president at Compal's annual shareholders meeting held July 4. Having served at Compal for 29 years, Wong was recently promoted from vice president to the new post, replacing Ray Chen, who has now become the firm's vice chairman and chief strategy officer.

Wong said that Compal will step up integrating the advantages of its existing two business departments of PC and smart devices, injecting good PC production efficiency to smart devices and incorporating smart device technologies to notebooks.

Wong stressed that notebooks will remain the core business of Compal, although the company will strive to lower notebook revenue ratio from the existing 70% to 50% in the future. He continued that Compal will manage to expand non-PC business sectors, particularly automotive electronics, servers, wearable devices and smart healthcare solutions.

At the shareholders meeting, Ray Chen also noted that Wong has been well versed in diverse business operations of Compal following 29 years of service at the company, and therefore can smoothly complete seamless succession of his new post.

Chen said that non-PC revenue ratio will surge to 35% in 2018 from 30% in 2017, mainly bolstered by increased shipments of smart home devices, smart watches and tablets. He added that Compal has newly tapped into the supply chains of smart speakers and other smart home products of major vendors.

The company posted total shipments of 80 million units of diverse consumer devices in 2017, and the shipments are estimated to expand by over 10% in 2018, according to Chen.

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