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Launching Three New Consumer Products, Yeestor Flash Controller is on Another Stage
Source: chinaflashmarket   Editor: Helan   Update Time :2018/10/9 17:34:36

On the 19th September, China Flash Market Summit was held in Shenzhen. On the Summit, Yeestor’s General Manager David WU gave the speech “The development of Yeestor’s independent storage control innovation technology”, and also took advantage of this grand occasion to introduce its latest consumer flash controller.

At the opening, David joked that he had missed the fortune in real estate and finance, and now he could only stick to the storage business. In fact, Yeestor has over a decade history in flash controller industry. This April, SiliconGo and Auspitek joined together to form Yeestor Microelectronics, opening a new page in the flash controller business.

The market is curious about the company’s status quo after the merge. David Wu stated that even the two companies have different team, technology advantage, and management style; however, with over 10 years’ industry experience of each company, this merge has greatly benefited the merged team. Both companies has kept their effort in flash controller industry consistently, whose effort to achieve the same objective made the new team together as one.

Yeestor Microelectronics currently has 180 employees. Headquartered in Shenzhen, Yeestor also has a research center set in Taiwan, as well as a new one recently established in Hefei. Today, Yeestor can provide clients from mainland China and Taiwan with timely service, and its global service capability has also been considerably increased.

We know that the future trend for consumer storage is high speed, large memory, and low power consumption. Therefore, how to ensure its reliability, according to David Wu, is a systematic project. Consumer storage system technology is getting closer to corporate storage chip both in definition and in the software functions. Yeestor is integrating factors like in-storage computing and construction of reliable system into its products and launching new products in such fields.

Feature 1: PCIe SSD Controller YS9203

YS9203 launched by Yeestor is a high-performance PCIe Gen3x4 SSD master controller, suitable for both corporate and consumer level. Thanks to the optimized hardware and firmware, this master controller will fully realize the NWMe1.3a performance. This master controller comes with 4 lanes and 8 NAND flash channels and supports NAND of 3D MLC/TLC/QLC. Using 2K code length LDPC and end-to-end data protection, it offers comprehensive data protection and increased 3D NAND’s durability and retentivity. YS9203 is expected to be put into mass production in Q4 2018.  

David specifically pointed out that this controller, compared to 3D NAND QLC, has been optimized in functions and reliability, therefore can deal with the changes arisen from the re-segmentation of Open Channel.

Feature 2: eMMC Controller YS8295

YS8295 is an eMMC5.X master controller targeting 3D NAND. It supports LDPC algorithm and provides end-to-end data protection. With such advantages, it can increase storage’s overall performance and reliability and provides users with better user experience. The main application domains of YS8295 are smartphones and tablets.

This is probably the last generation of eMMC controllers released by Yeestor, GM Wu explained, as the eMMC protocol development will not continue. As a result, UFS will be the emphasis in next step’s work. This master controller is also specifically defined for QLC.

Feature 3: SD6.0 UHS-1 Controller YS6295

YS6295/YS6285 is a series SD master controller launched by Yeestor. It features high quality, high performance, low power consumption, and high compatibility. It has an embedded ECC error correction engine and employs a low power consumption design. While maintaining the same level of performance, the energy-consumption level is reduced, therefore increasing its product stability and data security. YS6295 supports SD6.0, and complies with A2 standard, random IOPS read and write >4K/2K, and supports LVS. YS6285 supports SD6.0, and complies with A1 standard, random IOPS read and write >1500/500, and supports LVS.

The only way out for storage master controller industry

David fully agrees with the one opinion in this industry: one-stop service is the only way out for master controller industry. This road is full of challenges. One-stop service requires optimal coordination of internal and external channels to provide customers with full package services from quality control, production to test. Only a highly coordinated service can increase customer retention.

The founding of Yeestor is backed by multiple capitals and industry companies, but David Wu still believes that the big shareholding names are based on their hope to integrate the industry chain, on their trust in Yeestor’s team, as well as their confidence in Yeestor products’ capability in generating constant value.

In the future, Yeestor will provide more functions and services. For example, IO-intensive application acceleration, storage accelerating computing, open bottom computing power, and open data analysis model, etc. For a system provider, this open platform can help to create more original and innovative system products.

CFMS2018 awarded Yeestor with “Best Master Controller Service Award”, wishing that Yeestor would continue to provide one-stop full product line solutions, to help clients to accelerate mass production of their products, and to increase customer value. 

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