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How to tell the good from bad of SSD quality?
Source: chinaflashmarket   Editor: Helan   Update Time :2018/3/13 17:56:07

ChinaFlashMarket think there are three ways to do it.

The first: preliminary judgment from the NAND Flash particle surface logo.

NAND Flash particles mainly are from Samsung, Toshiba / Western Digital, Micron, SK Hynix, Intel and other several major manufacturers, these few manufacturers will test qualified NAND Flash particles and print the original logo, or sold the wafer material to the original Factory OEM customers to let them self-packaged into its own brand, this is the best quality NAND Flash particles.

The second: further analyze from the NAND Flash particle information.

The NAND Flash particle surface contains information such as the brand logo, model number, production date, etc., and is further analyzed by NAND Flash encoding rules and production dates.

The third: accurately judge the actual test data of SSD.

The most effective way of judging the good or bad of SSD quality is to test, such as read and write performance, data retention, high and low temperature aging, life expectancy, power consumption and other tests that can reflect the true situation of SSD. ChinaFlashMarket Co., Ltd. has recognized the importance of product quality, and established a quality analysis center for the market to provide quality analysis services.

Enumeration Description: SSD quality is analyzed from NAND Flash particle information

1#Brand of this NAND Flash particle is Samsung , but NAND Flash is made from 19nmTLC process technology, such technology when Samsung put into mass production was three years ago, and from the code 437 we identified the production of this chip is the 37th week of 2014 , it may be a dissemble one.

2#NAND Flash Particles are based on the 1ynm MLC from SanDisk A19, which was produced in about 2013 or 2014 and has been discontinued, possibly disassembled.

3#NAND Flash particle surface encoding and the original brand logo has been vague, encoding 449 identified as the 49th week of 2014, may be a disassemble one.

4#Using the tool to search the ID number of Flash, which is inconsistent with the SK Hynix logo printed on the surface of NAND Flash. It may be a refurbished disassemble one.

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