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Samsung aims higher sales for Galaxy S9
Source: DIGITIMES   Editor: Helan   Update Time :2018/3/13 17:03:39

Samsung Electronics has prepared two million more Galaxy S9 series devices than the previous Galaxy S8 products for the first-year sale in 2018 as the firm aims to achieve a higher sales goal through aggressive marketing, according to a Korea-based The Bell report.

After taking yield rates into account, Samsung aims to ship 43 million Galaxy S9 devices in 2018, with quarterly shipments in sequential order reaching 12, 13, 10 and eight million units, respectively, said the report. Samsung shipped about 41 million Galaxy S8 phones in 2017 compared to 48 million units of the Galaxy S7 in 2016.

Samsung previously launched a series of "buy one get one free" campaigns to promote its Galaxy S7 in North America and could use a similar low-price tactics for the Galaxy S9 this time, as the company is willing to sacrifice 5-10% of operating margin in exchange of replacement demand for its new models, said the report.

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