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MediaTek Will No Longer Focus On High-End SoCs
Source: Nextpowerup   Editor: Helan   Update Time :2017/11/10 16:51:22

For a few years now, MediaTek has been trying to release a high-end chipset and the latest attempt at this was with the Helio X30. Unfortunately, the latter has various issues with production and was late to the market. Another problem was that only Meizu decided to use it, while other companies either decided to use mid-range Helio chipset or switched to Qualcomm.

Because of the problems with Helio X30, MediaTek's market share dropped from 25% to 15%. For next year, the company will no longer focus on flagship SoCs. The main focus for now is the launch of Helio P40 that will take on the Snapdragon 660, while costing significantly less.

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