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For the CFMS2017 summit, Samsung, Intel, Micron, Google and other giants will gather in Shenzhen, China
Source: chinaflashmarket   Editor: Helan   Update Time :2017/8/11 16:48:11

On September 6, 2017, hosted by the Shenzhen China Flash Market Co., Ltd, “China Storage • Global Pattern" China Flash Market Summit CFMS2017 will be held in Shenzhen OCT InterContinental Hotel. This summit will not only invite domestic and international storage industry chain VIP business guests to give speech, but ChinaFlashMarket will also give data analysis and reporting for the storage industry development.

The Flash vendor’s 64-layer 3D NAND begins mass production, Fab plant expands production and investment, a significant impact on the industry

In the second half of 2017, Flash vendors Samsung, Toshiba, Micron, SK Hynix 64 layer / 72 layer 3D NAND begin mass production, and planning to transfer to 96 layer 3D NAND in the future, Intel and Micron new 3D Xpoint technology also begin mass production. Under the influence of 3D technology rapid development, the competition among the Flash vendors, data centers, enterprises and other areas of data storage will face new challenges. In addition, new Fab form Flash vendors are also expanding production, such as Samsung Fab 18, Intel Dalian factory, Micron Fab 10X, SK Hynix M14 factory, Toshiba Fab 6 factory, which will have a significant impact on the development of NAND Flash industry.

The Samsung will launch a presentation on the theme "Samsung Flash Solutions and Global Markets" at the China Flash Market Summit (CFMS2017) with the theme of "China Storage • Global Patterns". Intel will introduce innovative applications based on 3D Xpoint's Optane products, Micron will introduce innovative 3D NAND design technology.

As 3D NAND is about to release, how will NAND Flash's follow-up market be like and where will the price go?

The year of 2016 witnessed the increasingly growing price of NAND Flash since the Q2, and at the end of year, per consumer GB value rose to $0.25 again with the same price level in 2014. While in the first half of 2017, the consumer price per GB even once exceeded $0.3 in the peak period. NAND Flash's price continuing to climb has launched a significant impact on the industry, especially the SSD market of a positive growth period, as well as the embedded eMMC/ eMCP market with a huge mobile phone demand.

As Flash vendors' new 3D NAND is about to release, Chinese enterprises start to actively invest in the storage industry, hence, what changes will the future market and prices usher? How long will this tight supply shortage situation of the NAND Flash market continue to exist? And will Flash vendors' fast expansion in 3D NAND cause oversupply? During "China Storage • Global Pattern" China Flash Market Summit 2017 (CFMS2017), related data analysis and reports will be delivered to discuss the global storage market structure and the development opportunities of China's storage industry.

On the journey of 3D NAND market popularity and innovation, controller chip manufacturers are playing a vital role

From SLC to MLC, and then TLC to be the mainstream, error correction technology (ECC) of controller chips evolved from BCH to LDPC, which had played a significant role in promoting the technology content of NAND Flash. The year of 2017 is bound to become a critical moment of 2D NAND to rapidly turn into 3D NAND, and the controller chip factory will once again quickly drive the new generation of 3D NAND market to be popularized, as well as assisting embedded storage to transit from eMMC to UFS; meanwhile, SSD SATA interface will also transform into a higher speed of PCIe type. At CFMS2017, International controller chip factory Marvell and Taiwan controller chip manufacturer SiliconMotion will introduce their controller chip technology development history and talk about their products‘ layouts on mainstream eMMC, UFS and SSD, etc.

With national policy backup, China's capital investment, storage innovation and market applications have attracted considerable market attention

By the end of 2017, the global storage market is going to reach 85 billion US dollars, which is also expand to attain 100 billion in 2020. China, as the world's most momentous NAND Flash industry market, boasts not only certain local manufacturers such as Huawei, Lenovo, XIAO MI, OPPO and so on, as well as some enterprises such Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu who are skilled in innovation and large data storage applications. In addition, the storage demand of China's recent energy intelligent automobile is also growing rapidly. On the other hand, backed up by the national policy, major national funds are strongly supporting the enterprise development of integrated circuit manufacturing, design, packaging and so forth, so that more high-quality storage chain manufacturers are reflecting a complementary new model of innovation, sharing, quality and service with each passing day. China's storage industry growth, enterprise market innovation and market applications are attracting more flashlights from the world. At "China Storage • Global Pattern" CFMS2017, national Big Fund&Sino IC Capital, Longsys, HIK Vision will respectively introduce China's storage enterprises development future and China industrial storage applications in the context of policy support. Besides, let us look forward what AGIC Capital will bring to us.

Demand surge of big data on SSD, driving the vehicle-mounted storage to emerge as a new force

At present, mobile Internet, e-commerce, cloud storage, cloud computing and other areas not only put forward a growing demand for data storage space, but also have a higher expectation on data processing, data analysis, data response speed as well. Internet companies such as Google, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and so on thus are enhancing the deployment of SSD optimized data storage systems. Being seen as a synonym of storage, Google is going to present the big data storage needs, as well as server data storage models at the summit.

In addition, with the ending of a PC era and the downward pressure of mobile phone market, the booming automotive market is expected to reach a global chip market size of 30 billion US dollars in 2017, of which unmanned driving is about to create a trillion scale market value in the future. Constituting one of the largest production and sales markets, China also enjoys the largest aftermarket installed products scale. With the development of sensor technology, ADAS, automatic driving and other applications, the vehicle market demand for storage will surge 10 times in 2020, and transform into a future's new force in the storage industrial growth. At this "China Storage • Global Pattern" China Flash Market Summit (CFMS2017), NVIDIA is invited to explain their related advanced technology of intelligent automotive and automotive storage applications; Longsys and HIK Vision will also introduce the achievements of most advanced innovation and application in China's automotive storage market.

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