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PTI eyeing to become largest backend house in Japan
Source: DIGITIMES   Editor: Helan   Update Time :2017/4/28 16:12:22

Powertech Technology (PTI) will strive to become Japan's largest backend house following its acquisition of Micron Akita and a majority stake in Tera Probe, according to DK Tsai, chairman and CEO for the Taiwan-based company.

PTI expects to start recognizing part of the revenues from Tera Probe in June, and all the revenues from Micron Akita between July and August, Tsai indicated. Combined revenues generated from the newly-acquired Japan-based facilities will reach about NT$4 billion (US$132.5 million) annually.

PTI has agreed to fully acquire Micron Akita, Micron's assembly and test plant in Japan. Micron and PTI also struck a separate deal under which PTI will take up Micron's stake in wafer testing specialist Tera Probe.

PTI has maintained a close relationship with Micron Technology, said Tsai, adding that the Taiwan-based company will benefit from the US vendor's production expansions worldwide.

Tsai believes that Micron's newly-acquired factory in Taiwan will be engaged in mainly R&D of advanced packaging technologies. PTI will still be a key backend partner of the US vendor, Tsai added.

Micron recently acquired a factory from touch panel maker Cando. As a center of excellence for leading-edge DRAM, the facility will be dedicated to developing packaging technologies including wafer-level packaging and 3D IC integration, Wayne Allan, VP of global manufacturing at Micron, indicated previously.

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