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Huawei May Beat Samsung to 5G in Its Own Backyard 18/07/16
While Samsung Electronics Co. has become synonymous with technology in South Korea, a controversial rival could upstage it in the race to build fifth-generation wireless networks in its own backyard.
SMIC vice chairman Tzu-Yin Chiu resigns 18/07/05
Tzu-Yin Chiu, the former CEO of Semiconductor Manufacturing International (SMIC), has resigned as company vice chairman and non-executive director, according to the China-based pure-play foundry.
Seagate Announces BarraCuda Consumer SATA SSD 18/07/04
Seagate has pretty much always been a major player in the storage market, where they're known primarily for their hard drives.
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Powerchip fundraiser rejected by FSC
Flash is hot supply chain is not
Macronix to spend NT$30 billion on 12-inch fab over two years
DRAM supply to outgrow demand in 4Q10
Forecast for DRAM market looks mixed
A-data suffers loss in 2Q10
Powerchip chairman:DRAM prices to rebound in August
Micron cashes in on mobile memory business with Numonyx acquisition
DRAM contract price decline continues in 2H July
Samsung Toshiba to develop DDR NAND standard
PTI and Walton ramping capacities for DRAM chips
Powerchip acquires stake in China memory-IC designer
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Market breadth of information
Samsung KRW 46550.00 +1.53
TOSHIBA JPY 350.00 +0.29
Hynix KRW 89300.00 +0.79
Micron USD 57.89 +1.63
Intel USD 51.56 -0.37
WDC USD 78.97 -0.03
UNIS CNY 44.15 -1.69
Phison TWD 240.50 +0.21
SMI USD 51.23 -3.14
ALCOR TWD 18.20 +1.39
Marvell USD 21.435 -1.22
ASolid TWD 49.40 -1.00
Transcend TWD 79.50 +2.32
A-DATA TWD 56.40 -1.05
OSE TWD 11.05 -5.15
PTI TWD 88.30 +1.73
JCET CNY 16.84 -3.33
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