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Winbond board approves NT$20 billion for new 12-inch plant establishment 18/08/20
Taiwan-based Winbond Electronics, a manufacturer of specialty DRAM and NOR flash memory, expects to start constructing its new 12-inch wafer plant at the Kaohsiung Science Park (KSP), southern Taiwan in the fourth quarter of 2018, with total expenditures estimated at about NT$20.36 billion (US$662 m
TSMC board approves US$4.5 billion for capacity expansion 18/08/15
The board of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has approved capital appropriations of approximately US$4.49 billion for new fabs construction, advanced-node and specialty technology upgrades and related capacity expansions.
Tsinghua Unigroup to buy stake in ASE subsidiary 18/08/14
Tsinghua Unigroup has agreed to buy a 30% stake in Suzhou ASEN Semiconductors, which is wholly owned by ASE Technology Holding, according to the Taiwan-based IC assembly and test services company.
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U.S. and China reportedly working on a deal to save ZTE
Rising 8-inch foundry quotes putting pressure on IC designers
Affected by the Hongkong holidays, the Hongkong market will suspended quotations tomorrow
Gou reiterates Foxconn plan for IC manufacturing, says report
Top-5 brands and top-3 ODMs see weak shipments in April
Most of top-15 semi suppliers register double-digit gains in 1Q18, says IC Insights
NAND flash price rally may be short-lived in 3Q18, says Apacer president
Most of top-15 semi suppliers register double-digit gains in 1Q18, says IC Insights
Growing SSD demand to stop NAND flash prices from falling
International Memory Workshop: 3D NAND Flash to Reach 140 Layers By 2021
Bitmain reportedly places DRAM orders with ESMT, Etron
Qualcomm, NXP shares rise on renewed hope that China will green light merger
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Samsung KRW 44800.00 +2.17
TOSHIBA JPY 320.00 -1.23
Hynix KRW 78500.00 +5.09
Micron USD 48.07 +2.04
Intel USD 46.50 -1.27
WDC USD 64.02 -0.94
UNIS CNY 47.16 +0.94
Nanya TWD 68.10 +3.65
Phison TWD 255.00 -1.35
SMI USD 59.87 -0.17
ALCOR TWD 18.10 +1.12
Marvell USD 19.84 +0.30
ASolid TWD 43.90 +2.81
3S TWD 23.80 -1.24
Realtek TWD 140.00 +1.45
Goke CNY 53.19 -1.41
Transcend TWD 74.70 -0.27
A-DATA TWD 48.70 -0.20
SiS TWD 10.20 -0.97
OSE TWD 10.25 0.00
PTI TWD 84.60 -0.12
JCET CNY 16.80 +1.39
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